Clover Barrett

The owner and director of Clover's Fine Art Gallery is Clover Barrett, a Brooklyn-based attorney whose law firm has been serving the community for over 20 years. An avid art enthusiast, Clover is particularly inspired by art and artists of the Carribean diaspora. Clover's Fine Art Gallery is a medium through which Clover is able to foster enlightenment and appreciation of these works. As the director of the gallery, Clover enjoys being the bridge between the artist and the audience, and is thankful that through Clover's she has the rare opportunity to see inspiration and appreciation come together in one place.

A coffee lover and native of Jamaica, Clover is proud to feature the renowed Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee at the gallery's cafe.

Clover is directly involved in the day to day operation of Clover's Fine Art gallery. Her law firm is conveniently located one level above the gallery. Clover Barrett & Associates, P.C.


You may contact Clover at